How I went from flat broke to CEO of two multi-million dollar brands, helping thousands of stylists unlock their greatness and build a business (and life) they love.

But it didn't start like that.

For years I let my clients walk all over me. I'd accommodate odd schedule requests coming in early, staying late or working on my days off, all because I was afraid to lose them.

I thought I was doing the right thing, so I worked tirelessly to make them happy. But I wasn't happy.

I was stressed, burned out, and living paycheck to paycheck because I lacked the confidence to charge what I was worth.

My health failed, depression set in, and soon I lost passion for something I once loved.

The tipping point came when someone close to me said that being a hairstylist was a stupid profession, and that I would never see success.

This broke my heart. So I quit.


Big Boy Jobs, Boozing, and Bankruptcy. 

I used to laugh at the movie "Office Space" until I found myself living it.

Shortly after quitting hair, I jumped into an entry level position at a large, corporate firm.

Hundreds of people in the same room, isolated by claustrophobic cubicles, I clocked in and out like a drone, working for a weekend break.

Although my entry salary was more than I was making in hair, I didn't love it. In fact, I dreaded it, every single day.

To cope with the pain of my everyday hell, working for people I didn't know, plugging away on a computer that wasn't mine, I drank and I smoked, letting my vices be my escape.

Soon I became a stranger to myself, spending money uncontrollably until I had nothing left.

About the same time I spent my last nickel, I got fired from my position.

The day I filed for bankruptcy, I officially hit rock bottom.

Blowup Mattresses, Mentors, and Niche Marketing.

For the next two years, I eeked through life, crashing on a blowup mattress on my brother's dining room floor, and recycling cans for money.

Many mornings I didn't even want to wake up, but one morning in particular I'm glad I did, because it changed my life.

I went to session at a real estate seminar, to become a licensed Realtor®. I had friends who were successful home sellers, so decided to try it.

In this program, I met a friend who became a mentor.

He had been through the ringer in his life, and sensed a similar troubled soul inside me.

It was he who opened my mind to life's possibility.
It was he who inspired me to rebound.
It was he who introduced me to niche marketing strategies.
And it was he who showed me how any person can turn their passion into profit, and lead a meaningful life, full of purpose.

My mind was blown and I immediately dedicated myself to a life of learning and growing.

Enough was enough. Hair was my passion, and God-willing I was determined to prove to the world just how far "just a hairstylist" could go.

Comfort Zones, Spaghetti, and Starbucks.


When I jumped back into hair I had a plan. Wasn't sure if it'd work but I was willing to try until it did.
The problem was I had zero clients because I'd been out of the game for years.
I had some catching up to do, fast. In my mid-thirties now, I surely wasn't getting any younger.
So I threw spaghetti against the wall to see what stuck. I tried everything. I called past clients, current clients, friends of friends, and invited them in.
I walked up to strangers on the street and offered to trade service for a favorable Yelp review if they liked it. I lived in a state of uncomfort because I knew that's where growth happens.
And I focused on one thing: Balayage.
I knew that if I could be the best balayage artist in the area, people would find me (because I was working overtime to find them.)
In a matter of months, my Yelp reputation skyrocketed and the calls started coming in.
Finally, I could quit my part-time job at Starbucks.



Six Figures, Target Marketing, and Jerry Maguire.

In less than 12 months, I was making over $100K a year, and growing. Not only had I just proven that being a hairstylist IS good enough, I demonstrated that we have the power to exponentially increase our income, fast.

Yes, I learned how to make money with my passion, but even more importantly, I found out WHY it worked.

Simplicity in focus, target marketing, self-mastery, and focus on the complete customer experience, ALL which can be learned easily and put to work.

I became an educator and motivator a few years later, eager to share what I've learned. I never wanted anyone to face the dark days like I had.

I also realized that the more people I could help, the more successful I could be in my life's purpose, which is to inspire greatness to millions!

Just like Tom Cruise's character in Jerry Maguire shouted, "help me, help you."

Once my first students began seeing life-changing results, I was hooked.

Soon my guiding principle "Love. Grow. Share." was born.

Lead with Love, Grow with purpose, and Share your passion with the world.

Are You Ready Share Your Passion and Get Paid Well to do it?

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