What It Truly Mean To Lead A Life Of Purpose And Positivity With Kelly Cardenas

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Having a purpose shapes our goals, offers a sense of direction and create meaning to our life. But what does it truly mean to lead a life of purpose? Today, Ryan Weeden brings on Kelly Cardenas, the author of The 6 Indicators for Business and Life, to share the story of how he stays true to his purpose and why you should do the same. Deviating from your purpose can immediately suck out positivity from your life. How then can you lead a life of purpose and positivity? Tune in to discover valuable insights that can help you find your way!


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What It Truly Mean To Lead A Life Of Purpose And Positivity With Kelly Cardenas 

I have an awesome guest that I’m fired up to pick his brain. Kelly Cardenas in the Mob Studio now. He is the national educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems for many years. You’ve got online courses, authored a book called The 6 Indicators for Business & Life and there’s a bunch of stuff that I’m curious to talk about. Welcome to the show, Kelly.

Thank you so much for having me. How incredible it is what hairpreneur is doing with the show, with your content, and you as a person. It’s phenomenal. I commend you.

I’m looking at your studio. You’re in this nice leather comfy chair. You’ve got your books propped up. I know that you’re in Carlsbad. I love seeing your daily posts on Instagram where you’ve got your bike that you always cruise up to the beach with.

It’s a Carlsbad Bentley.

It’s a beach cruiser. Is it one gear?

One gear. I bought it from my neighbor. My neighbor was going to clean out his garage and it didn’t have a seat on it. He was like, “I’m trying to get rid of it.” I said, “Do not sell it. I want that army green.” I put the seat on it. It had the regular beach cruiser bars. I’m from Lompoc and all my Lompoc people know what I’m talking about. I wanted to get some ape hangers but I didn’t want to pay for them. I took it out to the street, put it on the curb, beat it with a sledgehammer, and made the handlebars myself. I have so much joy on that bike. It brings me so much joy. It’s the simple things in life.

I assume you live close to the beach now because those bikes are amazing as they are. That one gear is not going to take you up to many hills.

We were very fortunate and blessed. We’re two blocks from the water.

When I saw your post on Instagram and you’re always at the beach in the mornings, it seems like to be a ritual. At one point, I’m like, “There’s no way he goes to the beach every single morning,” or often as you seem to go. I’m like, “This must be like a green screen. He throws the beach behind.”

I had to take my daughter to school at 7:00 AM. I pride myself on that. I was up at 5:00 and to the beach by 5:30, and I got to see the sunrise there in Carlsbad, but every day I could get there. I love it. It’s not the ritual. It’s the time that I spent. The relationship part of it and I think that’s the biggest part. I want to make sure that I connect with that as opposed to thinking that the routine is going to bring magic, the relationship with why I’m going in the first place brings the magic.

How long have you been having that relationship with your mornings? I feel like relationships are very important to you?

It’s the biggest thing. I’ve got the same friends since I was in fourth grade. My best friend in the world, William Simmons, David Janssen, Dale Schell, Alfred Johnson, and Andy Pike, all them are my buddies since I’ve been in fourth grade. We all grew up together. We’ve got the same exact crew. My best friend in the whole entire world has been with me my whole life as my big brother. I learned but I wasted a lot of time when I lived in Carlsbad because I’ve been here for many years. It was August or September 2020 when I’m locked in. I was tiptoeing every day in May 2020 but by August or September 2020, every single day.

Say no to things that aren’t in line with your purpose.

What do your days look like now? You used to be behind the chair a lot. That was your thing, you’re educating and traveling around a lot. I want to learn about you myself. Now, you’re doing more speaking and got The Kelly Cardenas Podcast. What do your day and your weeks look like now as your role has expanded quite a bit?

I try and spend my day saying no as many times as possible. The reason why I say this is because if you’re young in the business, you need to be saying yes to every single thing. That’s what I think. When I say you need to, that’s what I did. I said yes to every single thing that I possibly could. If it was a show, a class, or if I worked seven days and then there was something on the eighth. If I worked 21 days, there was something on the 22nd day, I was saying yes. Nowadays, I try and spend my days as much as possible on saying no to things that aren’t in line with my purpose and with my family. 

On Monday, I take guests from 8:00 to 12:00. One at 8:00, 10:00, and 12:00. I limit it to three. On Wednesday, I do the same thing. I get to record podcasts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I try and reserve Friday and Saturday for my family. Sunday, church and family, and then I roll it over again. I find what’s crazy and you’ll see this as you go, and I’m sure you see this, the more times I say no, the more opportunity I get. That’s been a cool thing. The speaking side has been phenomenal. I would never have thought that a little kid from Lompoc, who barely graduated from high school, is speaking to Fortune 500 companies and helping them to be able to build their cultures. I was at the Servant Leadership Institute before the Coronavirus stuff happened. It’s military leaders, Fortune 500 companies, all these people, and there’s a hairdresser. I want to encourage all the hairdressers out there that the principles that we utilize, we have a larger voice than we think we do.

People always ask me too, “How do you get on stage? How do you do that now?” I pick up my phone, and I say, “Here’s your stage.” Everybody has a stage in their pocket right now where years ago you didn’t have that. You had to work for a big brand. If you want to be on stage, you’ve got to build your own stage. You’ve got to take action if nobody is giving you those opportunities. You’ve got to create those opportunities for yourself. It’s easy now.

There’s still that fear of, “If I press the live button, what’s going to happen? If I say something wrong, is my life over?” No, because when you first go live, probably nobody is going to watch you anyway. You’ve got some time to practice. Pick up your phone, press that button, and start practicing. Everybody has a stage in their pocket. When you started to teach on stage and you’re reaching for these Fortune 500 companies and military leaders, are people reaching out to you for this? Are you reaching out to them and saying, “Here’s my promo?” How do you book these jobs?

The biggest thing is relationships. Being willing to do things that other people aren’t willing to do. If we could start from the foundation. I was talking with some kids. I’m involved with a financial literacy company that we have that’s in beauty schools to teach kids how to allocate their money in different ways. If you’re reading and you’re a hairdresser, the number one reason why people leave is because of finances and it’s not how much they make but the allocation of those funds. Most people don’t teach that part. They don’t talk about that because it’s not fun or not shiny.

I was talking to these kids, and I told them, “When I started the brand and I took this thing, I created a faceless entity that I wanted to be a Nike symbol that everyone could put their face in and say that they own the company because of the way that they acted. It became a symbol of equality. I told them years ago that I wanted to liken it to like a Nike.” Many years ago, when I was unemployed, people were like, “That’s a lofty goal.” I was like, “Why have a goal if it’s not lofty?” What I did is I put this logo and then I put Paul Mitchell under it because I worked with Paul Mitchell.

I leveraged a billion-dollar brand with something that no one knew. As people started to see the two together, I started to shrink the Paul Mitchell until I had that and then people in Las Vegas, Chicago, or Carlsbad would see it and be like, “That’s Paul Mitchell.” It’s not Paul Mitchell but I leveraged. What I would suggest is every one of you, although it’s great to go out on your own and do your own thing, if you can use the leverage of relationships of somebody who’s already been there, it puts you in a different position, and you don’t have to fight for your credibility. I made friends with a guy named Art Barter, the CEO, and Founder of the Servant Leadership Institute.

I made friends with him because Ken Blanchard was speaking at a place. I took one of my books and signed it to Ken. My wife was like, “Why are you doing that? Do you know him?” I said, “Not yet.” I snuck over, dropped down in between segments of the place where he spoke. I popped over, and I knew I only had fifteen seconds. I said, “Mr. Blanchard, I want to thank you so much for all your principles I was raised on and my dad raised me on. Our company is successful only because of you, and I want to thank you for that.” He said, “What is your company?” I said, “Thank you for asking. Here’s my book.” I ran off.

He was sitting next to a guy named Art Barter. I meet Art Barter. He invites me to speak at the Servant Leadership Institute. I’m on the bill with Ken Blanchard and Art Barter. Cardenas in the alphabet comes right after Blanchard. In the bill, it went Art Barter, Ken Blanchard, Kelly Cardenas. I was speaking on the last day, the last spot in the parking lot. The way that the bill was, it was set up. I think it’s putting yourself out there, but also it’s making relationships being as kind to people as possible and making as many friends as you possibly can.

It’s a huge relationship business. As far as you’re talking about leveraging, as opposed to trying to do it all yourself, which I’ve tried that, It’s impossible. You can’t do it. You’re going to pull your hair out as your business and brands start to grow. It’s like, “You’ve got to start outsourcing some things. You can’t keep your own books, taxes and social media.” There are certain things you should be doing but you’ve got to expand your team if you want to make a bigger impact, make more money, and still have that mental health on top of everything. I also completely agree with what you were saying about saying no as your time gets more limited but saying yes at the beginning of your career or new opportunities.

People think like, “I don’t need to pay my dues.” It’s not even about paying your dues. It’s about building those relationships. It’s about showing people that you care so much that you’re willing to sweep the floor to be part of a show and an experience. Now that I’m a CEO of a business, I look at those people, and I see those people coming up in my company. The ones that are will drop everything at a moment’s notice to be in the same room as one of our classes. I’m like, “I have my eye on you.”

They’re the ones that are rising. They’re the ones that are going to be the big stars because I relate to that. Another thing about leveraging relationships too that I was taking from you, I see this with the top marketers, the top personal growth trainers, and they’re all working together. They’re not all in it for themselves. You’ve got Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren. All these people are doing events together. They have their own thing going on, but they leverage each other’s audiences to exponentially reach more people and it benefits everyone. Let’s say you and I did a thing. You’re going to have your super fans. I’m going to have my super fans but that doesn’t mean that we’re not going to be able to share some fans. We can all work together to create something bigger and more badass than ourselves.

The more you say no, the more opportunities you get.

What I would say, especially to the young kids out there, independent is what everyone talks about like, “I’ve got to be independent. I’ve got to do my own thing.” I’m reading a book about Disney. Disney didn’t finance Disney. Disney went to ABC or NBC and they funded Disneyland. They paid for Disneyland because he had something and was able to have a relationship and work that way. I’m very fortunate and blessed that I got a chance to be around Paul Mitchell in the first place. There was this movement that was like, “We’re anti-manufacturer. We’re anti-this, anti-that.”

I’m not anti-anybody. I want to be friends with everyone. I want to be friends with people and it’s not to get something, but I could tell you this as a young artist. Why reinvent the wheel? For me, I didn’t need to reinvent the wheel. I needed to go and find out the best wheel and then hang with the people who invented it. Learn, be around, and serve at the highest level. If you seriously want to grow your business, serve people at the highest level and magic happens.

You wrote a book and I know how hard it is to write a book. When I first wrote a book, it was called Suite Success: How to Make Six-Figures in a Salon Suite. It was funny because when I started writing it and had my first draft, it was like The Lord of The Rings thick. It was 700 pages. Once we edited down and chopped it up, it took out all the Ryanisms and all the repeated thoughts, we got 70 pages of stuff here we can use.

I’m like, “This is fine. This is good.” There’s not even enough of a spine to put the title on the back. I’m like, “This is a good first attempt.” I know that even to do something like that takes months, time, a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Writing even when you’re not inspired. There are a lot of times when you’re going to have to sit down and write, and you’re not going to be inspired. Please tell me about your book, The 6 Indicators for Business & Life. If you could even elaborate on some of those indicators, I’m super excited to know about it.

The whole premise was, if our speedometer went out on our car, we would not drive our car. Not because it couldn’t drive, but because you wouldn’t know how fast or slow you’re going and that would impede the judgment. If you didn’t know whether you were going 60 or 100, your reaction time is going to be different and your reaction time needs to be different based on the speed that you’re going. Most people would not drive their car because the speedometer is broken but most people drive their lives, their businesses, and their relationships without any indicators to tell them how fast or slow they’re going in their particular areas. It’s a way to be able to almost gauge it.

I’ve never met anyone who’s at a 10 in all 6 indicators because that’s a perfect person. Generally, you are in heaven at that time. It’s not going to happen. That was the premise. For me, the writing process, I’ve written my whole life. When I was a kid, I went out from the time I was in 4th grade to 6th grade, I had to take ten pages of notes every single day before I could go out and play. I had to take ten pages of notes on The Millionaire Course that my dad did. That’s a whole other topic. I was into writing and I journaled all the time. The book came from speaking on it. I spoke on it for about four years all over the country, all over the world, and spoke on the concept. We implored it in our company and it was very successful utilizing the six indicators. I told my wife that I wanted to write a book and she had heard it one too many times. She said, “Why don’t you shut up and do it?” I wrote it in six days.

You spent a lifetime of writing and speaking about it. You had to put it on paper.


The first one is culture. Culture is the most important thing in any business. Any time that I find any challenges. When I coach whatever businesses there are, relationships, any of those things, it all boils down every time to one of these six indicators. There’s never been a situation, a goal that a person has that I’ve ever seen that’s outside of the six. Number one is culture. Most of the things always go back to culture. If you’re failing in your marriage, you’re having challenges. What I say is stop, look and listen, and go back to the core of what type of culture you have in your relationship.

Number two is the vibe. The vibe is everything. When you got on the show, it was like you were fast friends. I’m like, “Ryan is awesome.” You have that vibe already. The next thing is process and procedure but most people get the car ahead of the horse. The process and procedure. We look at productivity, innovation, and then the ability to adapt immediately. When you look at these things, you score yourself in, and there’s never going to be a time where you’re ten and all of them. Whatever you’re good at, then you don’t have to focus on that day, week, or month and then the others that you suck at, you need to work at them.

How can I and the readers get ahold of that book?

KellyCardenas.com. You can do that. The book is on there. We took it down off of Amazon. The website is the best way to go about it.

That’s a good segue because I wanted to talk to you about your website. I went on there, I loved it and the intro video too where you’re waking up, getting ready for a show day, walking down the hall, and your entourage is starting to step up and follow you. It was cool. It’s like Reservoir Dogs.

We filmed that on the day of a speaking event. I speak to about 2,500 and most people are like, “What are you speaking on? Have you practiced it for years, you got it down, and you’re going to say every single word?” We filmed that the night before. That was the intro for it, and it was a huge speaking event. Two thousand five hundred people were large. The night before, God gave me a word and was like, “You’re not using the other thing that you already prepared for. You’re using this.” He gave it to me that night. Right before I walked on stage to deliver that message, my dad sent me a text message. I took it, screenshot at it, and hand it to the production person in the back and said, “I need you to have this come up. I need to use this because this was a word.” Almost everything, I want you to realize is like, allow it to be who you are. My wife always says, “Stick with the plan but go with the flow because the magic is where the flow is at.”

You seem that you embrace that life of serving others. That’s where you exist. You’re a messenger to help other people. Was it like a word or a message?

It was a message. The message was simple. It was surrender. One time I was in church, and I was praising. I had my hands up, then God said, “Put your hands on top of your head. Put your hands behind your back.” When I got done, I sat down and wondering why this happened. He told me, “The first thing that you have to do is surrender. When the cops tell you, stick your hands up, it’s surrender. You have to show that you don’t have anything. The second one is when you put your hands on top of your head, and you give that officer the permission to search.”

It’s not how much you make; it’s where you allocate your funds.

What he was saying is, “First, you’ve got to surrender. Second, give me the ability to search you for anything outside of your purpose.” That was saying that you’re relinquishing your rights and being taken into custody. Someone else’s will is in place of your will. He said, “First, you’ve got to surrender. Second, you’ve got to let me search your character. Third, you’ve got to let me take you into custody, and then I can start to do the things that you’re purposed to do as opposed to what you want to do.” That was hairdressers, I spoke to 2,500. It opened up a prison ministry for me.

Think about that. All the prisoners have the formula for success. They’ve all been arrested. They’ve all had to do this and that, but if they apply it in a different part of life. I got to go and speak at the highest security prison in the country where they have a chapel. There’s only one in supermax prison. I got to go speak at it and speak with the inmates when I got to give them that message of, “Hands up. Hands on top of the head, hands behind your back. Until you surrender completely to your purpose, like you guys are doing now, because you guys are incarcerated, you don’t get to choose when you get to a point where you’re not choosing in. You’re allowing your purpose to take over your life, and the magic begins to happen.”

You also have a bunch of online courses. I noticed that on your website as well. Have you been working on those for years? I’m curious because I’m an online course creator as well. What does that process look like for you?

Number one, when you’re first to the dance, it doesn’t always mean it’s good. I created my first online course many years ago. Did it sell all over the place? No, it didn’t. We created those things so long ago. They were sitting and there were many things that were dormant within. We started Zooming. It’s crazy because now I do speaking all over the country, but we started doing this many years ago. We did it every week in our company because we have locations all over the country. Still to this day, every Tuesday, every single person in the company stands up and says who they’re inspired by, and they’ve got fifteen seconds to do it. They have to look into the camera. We trained all of our people, and now our people go on Zooms. They can connect virtually like no one else because they were doing those things. I’m not a master of it. I did a long time ago. Your stuff is phenomenal. You’re doing great things and I need to learn from you.

I’m happy to teach you. I’ve learned a lot over the years and I feel like there’s still so much more to learn because technology keeps evolving at such a rapid pace. Not only the technology, but the audio, video, and it’s like, “What’s the next best camera?” There’s a new camera coming out. It seems like every other week. When I think I have the one I need, I’m like, “I need that one too.” I have to have a technology issue where I always need the next one. I’m not going to buy Gucci but I’ll buy a nice camera. We have a questionnaire that I sent out to you, and it said, “Is there anything else that you’re super excited to highlight?” You said your podcast which is the Kelly Cardenas Podcast, your book, and your family. The family was first. I don’t know why I said that last. I want to know about your family. Let’s talk about it. Have you got some kids?

I’ve got two kids. Makena is such a phenomenal spirit. She teaches me so much. I said, “I want you to always be yourself.” She turned and was like, “That’s simple because everyone else is taken.” Her simplistic wisdom is huge. Her heart is so major. What I learned, and this is not only for dads and mothers out there but for business owners, is I was struggling because at twelve years old, she wasn’t wanting to hang out with our family as much anymore. She’s almost a teenager. She was watching some stuff I don’t like her watching. There’s some content that I didn’t like. She started watching Stranger Things. It’s got bad language, bad situations. I could watch it because I’m an adult.


She started watching and I freaked out on it. I was like, “Maybe she’s going to get in a dark place, and it’s a horror film.” God told me strongly, “Go and watch it with her.” I was like, “What are you talking about, God? There’s bad language.” He’s like, “Go do it.” I went into a room at night, sat with her, and we would watch Stranger Things. At first, she was like, “This is my show. You can’t watch it.” A couple of nights in, she was like, “Are we watching Stranger Things?” What I learned was 5 or 6 prongs situation. Number one, if you want things to grow, spend time.

Don’t try and add too, don’t try and take away from it, but simply spend time. When I spent time with my daughter, what opened up was communication. That communication was going back and forth. I started to understand my daughter at a completely different level. The next one was understanding. Once you start to communicate, you start to understand where the person is coming from. A lot of the challenges that she was having seriously were on the episode of Stranger Things. She was almost manifesting it because she was spending a lot of time in her room and living this. I didn’t understand because I didn’t watch Stranger Things. When I watched that, I was like, “She is not experiencing it. Robin is experiencing it. Michael is experiencing it.” What started to happen is when you spend time, you have communication, you get understanding, then you start to master what is happening.

I found this when I started to master it, and there was a scene with Finn Wolfhard and Noah Schnapp. It was almost like a Peter Pan moment. Noah Schnapp was sad. All the strange things that all the boys were getting girlfriends and he didn’t have a girlfriend. Mike, who’s Finn Wolfhard said, “It’s not my fault that you don’t like girls.” My daughter was like, “They’re going to be a couple. I’m shipping them off together.” The next morning, I thought about it. I was like, “I took that as more of a Peter Pan moment.” Noah Schnapp wanted to hang with his buddies. He didn’t want to grow up, he didn’t want to have girls, but what she was taking it as is that Noah and Mike liked each other.

I was like, “There’s nothing wrong with that but I took it this way.” She’s like, “You’re shipping, Eleven and Mike?” Shipping means they’re in a relationship. She’s like, “You’re an Eleven lover.” I was like, “I’m an Eleven lover.” She said, “I can’t believe it.” She laughed and ran off. When she was doing school, I ran up to her room, walked in, popped my head in, and I was like, “Mileven, everybody.” She’s like, “I can’t believe it. You’re shipping Mileven.” What it did is it created a mastery of that thing. What started to happen was a curiosity to figure out and find out how I could connect with Stranger Things on a completely different level. That curiosity led to flow.

If you want to get into a flow state in your life, spend time that’ll foster communication, help open up understanding, and create mastery in your life. Mastery will create curiosity. That curiosity will throw you into the flow of being a little kid. When you’re a little kid, craziness happens, and that’s where my daughter and son is similar. My son is an inspiration in all realms, and my wife. I know I’m long-winded on this but it’s my favorite subject in the world. My wife is like an amplifier. If you’re out there and you’re in a relationship, you’re not in a relationship that amplifies you, get out of it now, unless you’re married. If you’re married, you already made that decision. Stay in it, work it out, but break up with the person if you’re not married and they’re not amplifying you.

You’re very inspiring. I hope I can do that one day. I’m not worthy because you have so much knowledge and you’re so wise. I feel like behind your years because I don’t think you’re that old. We might be a similar age, but that’s amazing that you’ve found a way to connect with your family, with your daughter, especially by taking off the dad hat and being a friend. Learning to see the world through her eyes by watching something that she enjoys and also realize that Stranger Things is cool. I like that show. They’re great actors. It’s got a good story.

It was tough to get through the language part of it. My son is sensitive to language where my daughter isn’t as much and we go to the skate park. If you’re a skater out there and you have kids who are skaters, please talk to your kids, and talk to them about language. I was sad. My son skates and likes to go to Encinitas Skate Park. He’s like, “I don’t want to go to Encinitas, dad.” I said, “Why?” He said, “Because of all the bad language.”

The kids think it’s cool to be dropping F-bombs. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It’s where you’re at. I don’t think that sometimes people realize the impact that they have on other people that they’re around. If you’re a 12, 13, 14-year-old and you’re out there skating, I’m not saying you need to be a perfect kid but I’m saying there are nine-year-olds looking up to you. Watch your language because your language and words become your reality. That’s my dad’s moment right there.

I’m a dad. I’m in the thick of it. It’s the most amazing experience on the planet, but it’s exhausting. I’ve got a daughter who’s 2.5 and a son who is 4.5 months. I’m in it and it’s tough. There are days where my wife and I don’t get along. It’s because she’s tired, I’m tired, and kids are crying. They’re the most amazing things on the planet. I can’t remember life before and couldn’t imagine it without them now. What advice would you give to a new dad, a new parent, to get through this and stay positive, even on those bad days when you’re tired and don’t even want to get out of bed? What advice can you make me feel better?

I want to congratulate you on it. Having a little daughter and a son, doing what you’re doing. Your plan at a high level. I respect what you’re doing in the industry, what you’ve done for the industry, and how you’re lifting everybody else up. That’s amazing. What I would say is a two-prong situation. Number one is to make sure you slow down. There’s a story of the daddy bowl and baby bowl. They’re walking on top of the hill. The baby bowl looks down at the valley, sees a bunch of cows, and says to the dad, “Why don’t we run down there and have us one of those cows?”

The dad looks at him calmly and says, “Why don’t we walk down and have them all?” What I would say to you as a young entrepreneur and a young guy, in nowadays’ society, what you’re doing is crushing it, which is awesome. I want to applaud you on it. I want to tell you, though too, is you’ll never get this time back with your kids and it goes by fast. You’ll get a blink in your eyes. That four-year-old is going to be in junior high and then they’re going to be in high school. Try and slow down as much as possible, and then use these kinds of terminology because this is what dads do and I did it.

I’m not saying like, “You need to do this.” I’m saying, “I failed at this.” Realize that they don’t care how much money you make, how much impact you make, or anything like that. They want your time. What I convinced myself is, “I’m out on the road, doing all these things for my kids.” No, I wasn’t. I was doing it for myself. If you’re truly doing it for your family and you will figure out a way to make it the most potent in the smallest amount of time so you could spend as much time with your family. The second thing that I would say, the greatest thing that you could do for your kids is to love their mother at the highest level. When we honor our wives, the mother of our children, and when we honor her as the queen of our family, she is the one that brings life.

She is the one that brings offspring. She is the one that brings everything into it. We have a role as a man in the family, but the greatest thing that a kid could ever, the greatest thing that the son could see. The greatest thing that her daughter could see is us loving their mother at the highest level. Make sure that we take the time that we honor her, that she hears that she’s beautiful every single day, that your kids hear you saying that she’s beautiful, and make out a lot in front of your kids. Your kids need to see that the parents love each other. Even though when my wife goes to kiss me, she grips my booty, and my twelve-year-old daughter is like, “Why are you grabbing dad’s butt?” She’s like, “Because it’s round, and I like it.” That’s one of the greatest things that can happen. Make sure that you slow down and love your wife as much as you possibly can.

That was exactly what I needed to know. I appreciate that. That hits home. Kelly Cardenas, everybody. Thank you so much for being here. How can people find out more about you? How can they reach out and say hi?

On LinkedIn and Facebook, it’s @KellyCardenas. On Instagram, it’s @TheRealKellyCardenas. On TikTok, it’s @TheRealKellyCardenas23 and then KellyCardenas.com. We keep it quite simple that way. I would love to be able to spend time with you, Ryan. What you’re doing for the industry and for people, you may not see the fruits of it right now, but you’re planting many seeds in many people that you have no idea. I want to encourage you on your journey because you’re doing great things.

Thank you. I’ve got a wave of tingles. I love that. Lompoc in the house. Have a great rest of your day, and I can’t wait to do this again.

You’ve got it, buddy.

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About Kelly Cardenas

KELLY CARDENAS is a FORBES contributor, Author, Podcaster, Founder-CEO of a National multi-million dollar Brand, and a Cultural efficiency Coach. Cardenas is the go-to when it comes to constructing a CULTURE that will have sustained success in all aspects of your business. He believes that building an iconic Brand, Business, and Empire is a simple process once we start to focus on what really matters. Cardenas’ system zeros in on the heartbeat of any organization.........PEOPLE!

Cardenas coaches based off two foundational truths  that his father, he calls “Pops”, raised him on: 1-“First and foremost you build the people and then you allow the people to build the business!” 2-“If you simply want to be GOOD, I AM NOT YOUR GUY! If you want to be GREAT, I AM NOT YOUR GUY! NOW, IF YOU WANT TO BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE AND LIVE OUT YOUR FULLEST POTENTIAL, YOU HAVE FOUND THE RIGHT GUY!